Full-length documentary  ‘Into the Heart of the Mountain’

BY NATURE FILMS foundation presents ‘Into the Heart of the Mountain’ a film about a western spiritual leader of Zen Buddhism, a social and peace activist Roshi Joan Halifax on her path to empower women and indigenous people to preserve their culture and bringing medical support.
Watch the trailer: ‘Into the Heart of the Mountain‘.

Bosman believes Indigenous Peoples have the power and solutions to solve many of today’s problems when respected and empowered to do so. You can really learn from native people and their way of life. In our Western culture we have the loss of certain values. That’s why we need to keep looking at indigenous peoples to learn or rediscover what’s really important in life. A deeply intimate pilgrimage with Tempa Dukte Lama and the entire team of Nomads Clinic in the most remote high altitude regions of the Himalayas of Humla District, Nepal.

The film is now in the post-production phase and will be released shortly.


Wildlife Savers, Unsung heroes: WFFR Conservation Award 2018