Documentary: Wildlife Savers, unsung heroes
African Parks Network, a conservation organization, is commencing one of the largest elephant relocation initiatives of all time. In Malawi, 500 elephants are moved from two southern wilderness parks, Liwonde National Park and Majete Wildlife Reserve, northwards to Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve. The objective is to relieve pressure on the overstocked parks’ resources, providing a solution for the human-wildlife conflict in the South. Facilitated by support from the Dutch Postcode Lottery, this forms part of a long-term project that is dedicated to wildlife restoration, protection and recovery, and combating ivory poaching.

The documentary premiered on February 12 – 2018 in the EYE Film Museum Amsterdam and is broadcast on the Dutch TV channel RTL 4 and shown on the Wildlife Film Festival in Rotterdam.

The completion of the translocation of 500 elephants made global headlines on CNN, BCC, the The Times, the Volkskrant and RTL Late Night.

‘It’s amazing to see such unbelievable creatures being moved,
in a way that you could never even dream of’

  • Prince Harry  

The documentary will be distributed nationally and internationally by Off the Fence and will also be screened at various film festivals. A photography exhibition will be shown alongside the film.